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29. Nov 2015


Haupt / PostNuke / Themes

FlexiCorp 1.00 Theme

- Xanthia based theme
- CSS-based Layout (completely tableless)
- XHTML validated
- works without any JavaScript
- completely unbranded (header is configured via adminsettings)
- all theme colors configurable through Xanthia theme color administration
- nine different color palettes included
- optional horizontal menu via core/generic menu-block (position:Head Menu Zone, template: headmenu)
- sophisticated main menu template (block-template: mainmenu)
- fast loading times because no graphical elements are used
- main and side block widths and vertical margins configurable via Xanthia administration
- header background image configurable via Xanthia administration (four alpha blending textures (bg[1-4].png) included)
- automatically recognizes and adapts if no right blocks are used
- additional CSS-style for print-media (removes footer and sideblocks)
- botfriendly content ordering (maincontent before left and right columns)
- tries to incorporate web accessibility
- tested and works in IE 6.0, Mozilla 1.7x, Firefox 1.5, Opera 8.x and Lynx

Autor: oencke
Version: 1.00
Dateigrösse: 96,34 KB

Downloads: 4795

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