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27. Nov 2015


Linux: What do you get if you add Microsoft and Novell?

verfasst von oencke am Sonntag, 19. November 2006 (5522 Aufrufe)

linux Might it be a protection racket?

Let's do a little comparison:

What does the wikipedia say about protection rackets?
I'll add my comments in brackets {..}. These may or may not be accurate:

"A protection racket is an extortion scheme whereby a powerful organization {Microsoft?}, most often a criminal organization or gang, coerces individuals {you} or businesses {you} to pay protection money {SUSE subscription fee} which allegedly serves to purchase the organization's "protection" services {"patent peace of mind", S. Ballmer*} against various external threats {patent lawyers}. Those who do not buy into the protection plan {Novell subscription} are often targeted by criminals existing outside of the organization {Microsoft lawyers}. These crimes are typically thought to originate from the organization itself. When a business refuses to pay for protection, word is put out that they are outside of the local organisation's protection (these organisations often exist in the absence of a trusted police force) and that the business in question is therefore free game for freelance criminals {IP law firms} or the organization itself.

The protection money is typically collected by a "Bag Man" {Novell*}. Although the organization might be particularly coercive in obtaining protection money, it is usually careful to shelter {with IP protected protocols/services} its "mark" from attacks by competitor organizations {SCO?} that similarly attempt to solicit or threaten the targeted individuals or businesses. Disputes between organizations concerning "turf" or territory {market share} consequently arise from two competing predators attempting to extort from the same "clients." {linux users} "

* Press conference quotes for you to chew on:
Microsoft lawyer: "Novell is the only company in our industry that is able to provide a customer not only the code to run Linux, not only the service and support for it, but a patent covenant that runs from Microsoft corporation.
you see an economic commitment from Novell to Microsoft that involves a running royalty, a percentage of revenue on open source softwareship under the agreement."

Steve Ballmer: "Novell is acting as a proxy for its customers and it's only for its customers, so this does not apply to any forms of Linux other than Novell's SUSE Linux and if people want to have patent peace and interoperability they look at Novell SUSE Linux. If they make other choices they have all of the compliance and intellectual property issues that are associated with that."

That's quite an astounding business model: to start selling feelings.

Feed the FUD, sell the peace (of mind).

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